Home Purchase and Refinance Loans with Below 620 Credit Scores in Utah!

Home Purchase and Refinance Loans with Below 620 Credit Scores in Utah!  

Utah Low Rate has been refinancing and helping clients purchase homes for 20 years with credit scores below the 620 that most in house lenders and Banks usually

Media outlets reported that 33% of the U.S. consumers now have credit scores below 620. Since we have been originating FHA products for over a decade, we like the idea of finding a financing alternative for good borrowers that have been setback because of low credit  scores. FHA insures second chance financing for purchase and refinancing FHA loans.

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Bad Credit Options with FHA Home Loans
*           Late Payments Allowed on FHA Loans
*           Disputed Accounts Ok if they meet the HUD     guidelines
*           Verification of Rent
*           Homebuyer Education Course
*          Home loans from a 560 – 850 credit score
*           DU Approve or Manual Underwrite
*           Debt to Income Ratio up to 55%

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